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Mathew July 18, 2000 00:19

patch on a pie section

I have started using StarCD, and have run through the tutorials, however on a current individual problem I do not seem to find an answer, thus seeking help.

I have a section of fluid which is a section of a circle (a bit like the shape of a piece of cake or pie). However the the radius is not constant. On trying to make the grid I have used vertices with a spline, hoping to extrude this latter on. My problem is that the patch command is unable to use just 3 vertices (one being the center, and the two corner edges connecting the spline). I have experimented with combinations, and searched for alternatives to no benefit.

I understand this is not cutting edge, but I have had no success elsewhere.

Mathew July 18, 2000 07:21

solved it!
the problem was able to be solved by treating the centre of the pie shape as points 1 and 2 in the patch command.

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