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B.N.LOO July 19, 2000 08:53

Hello STAR-CD users,

Right now I'm working in Infrared supress sysstems(IRSS) using STAR-CD (v-3.10). Now I got a problem in Modelling area and boundary definitions. There are two streams are there, one is out fluid and another is inner fluid. Inner fluid has the elliptical shape(volume).

My problem is " what type of boundary should be defined in between these two fluids i.e two streams interface either wall or baffel.Because there is no flow in between them, only heat transfer is there. Please try to reply me as early as possible. Thank Q


J. Y. Luo July 20, 2000 05:42

This type of geometry is very common such as heat exchangers. If the "solid" between the two fluids is very thin in your case, you can treat it as conducting baffle. Otherwise, it can be treated as solid and you can run the case as conjugate heat transfer.

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