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Hassaneen July 27, 2000 04:11

events file for moving grid
Hi all, I did everything in tut.13. It seems like every thing is O.K. but after running the (pmovlink) the .evt file is empty. Please advise if experienced anything like that. Thanks

Stephan Meyer July 28, 2000 05:14

Re: events file for moving grid
Try using the input files You got with Your StarCD release. You can find them in


Execute the commands in <prep.inp>, save the model file and run <pmovlink>. Let me know if this doesn't work.

Hassaneen July 28, 2000 11:59

Re: events file for moving grid
Stephan, I have the .inp file already but what you mean by Execute the commands in? do you mean to re-enter it or what? please advise, thanks =Ahmed=

Stephan Meyer July 31, 2000 02:14

Re: events file for moving grid
Ahmed, I'm sorry, my message is a bit messed up, some words are missing. Okay, next try: You can edit the input files with the built in editor of prostar (File menu -> Edit files), edit the file prep.inp. The editor has an Execute command, easiest way is to simply press ctrl+m - the complete input file will be executed. I've tested the prep.inp with the linux version (v3.100a) and it works without problems. Btw, You can use any editor and copy+paste the commands to prostar's command line. Hope this helps Stephan

Hassaneen August 7, 2000 04:25

Re: events file for moving grid
Thanks Stephan, it is working. Do you know how to change the cell number from right handed to left handed (i.e. to be numbered in X-direction). =Ahmed=

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