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Y. Guo July 29, 2000 16:25

help needed: cone-shape surface
Hello, there, I am new user of Star-CD.

I want to generate a cone-shape surface(or patch) through Star-CD. What procedue should I follow? The equation of the surface in cylinder coordinate is z = a*r, theta belong to [0,2Pi], a is a constant.


Astrid Hostrup July 31, 2000 06:31

Re: help needed: cone-shape surface
Hi One suggestion could be that you use a loop to create vertices with the above formula, and connect them with a spline. It should then be easy to make the mesh with the block-command. I don't know if there is a more simple way to do it.

steve July 31, 2000 08:19

Re: help needed: cone-shape surface
!Set yourself to the global cylindrical system CSYS,2 !Define 2 points at either end of the cone !(fill in r1,r2,z1,z2 with real coordinates) V,1,r1,0,z1 V,10,r2,0,z2 !fill the line VFIL,1,10 !sweep the line around in theta (every 10 degrees) VGEN,36,10,1,10,1,0,10.0 !plot them VSET ALL VIEW,1 VPLOT

Y. Guo July 31, 2000 11:37

How can I generate the mesh with the vertex?
Thanks for your kindly help. I have generated the vertexes following your suggestions. How can I generate a patch(mesh) with these vertexes? I looked the patch command. There is a parameter 'ICSRF' which seems related to curved surface. However I do not know how to use it. Could you please help me again? Thanks.

steve July 31, 2000 17:56

Re: How can I generate the mesh with the vertex?
!define a shell in the cell table CTAB,10,SHELL !define a cell and then sweep it 9 in first direction !and 36 times in 2 direction

C,1,2,12,11 CGEN,9,1,1 CGEN,36,10,1,9

!finally merge the 2 overlapping ends


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