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Dan Wachs August 17, 2000 17:50

meshing a hemisphere
I'm trying to mesh the bottom of a pressure vessel (hemisphere) in Star-CD. anybody have any experience with this? suggestions?

Peter Ewing October 4, 2000 04:35

Re: meshing a hemisphere
The simply one-command method is VC3DGEN in a spherical csys - e.g.:

csys 3

vc3d 0 1 10 0 180 10 0 180 10

but you may not be happy with the pyramids at the centre.

Your can then create a much better mesh by creating 6 blocks using the above outer surface (or much finer if needed) and vertices as the basis for the block splines and projection - only a few minutes work in the block GUI. 5 of the blocks should be like an O grid looking at the flat side of the hemisphere, and the last block is below the central one.

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