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Hassaneen August 31, 2000 05:00

for O.Kaario
Kaario, Are you still getting these increasing temperatures in the expansion stroke. In my case, I just got a smooth expansion stroke, every thing is going down.. the max. pressure and temp were O.K. after combustion. The only thing is I didn't apply yet the heat transfer across the cylinder wall. =Ahmed=

Ossi Kaario September 4, 2000 03:22

Re: for Ahmed

you checked the mass averaged mean gas temperature ? In your case, is it a decreasing value all the expansion stroke ? (in my case the cylinder is not adiabatic, however) BTW, what kind of an engine do you simulate ?



Hassaneen September 5, 2000 03:08

Re: for Ahmed
Yes the temperature is decreasing all the way during expansion after its increase at the begining of expansion due to rapid combustion. I'm simulating a conventional spark ignition engine with methane fuel. The cylinder in my case is adiabatic wall and I didn't include yet the heat transfer process.

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