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Mario September 7, 2000 10:42

I try to calculate diffusion of vapour through an insulation, and I wonder why I have to fill in the Schmidt-number in the additional scalar binary properties. Normally the Schmid-number is calculated, using the scalar properties: viscosity, density and diffusivity. So, the program should be able to calculate the Schmidt-number easily. Regards Mario

Dan Sorensen September 14, 2000 03:05

Re: diffusion
This is not well-written in the documentation, but if I am not mistaken, it is the turbulent Schmidt number that you have to give (defaults to 0.9 as far as I recall).

Mario September 14, 2000 04:40

Re: diffusion
Hallo Dan, thank you for your response. You're right, the user guide and the tutorials don't give much information about diffusion. Since it's the turbulent Schmidt number it's negligible for my problem without any convection. Regards Mario

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