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Sreenadh Jonnavithula December 21, 2000 14:41

Issue 4 of adapco-online
The editors of adapco-online wish you all a happy holiday, and a happy New Year 2001.

It is our pleasure to present the fourth issue of adapco-online. Please visit us at

The second article in the Understanding STAR-CD series deals with transient flows. The Dr.Post series continues with an article on creating icons in plots. We also have several other articles, on radiation, user subroutines etc., and a bunch of user articles.

This issue also has several presentations from the recently concluded European users conference. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from the works of your collegues.

On the editorial side, we have a new cumulative index which should make finding older articles easier, and a selection of user comments ..

As usual, we'd like to reiterate that we are offering to PAY STAR-CD users to contribute to adapco-online. We will pay $300. for each accepted user article. Please do consider sharing your non-proprietary work with other users in the STAR-CD community.

Please send us your feedback, good or bad, about adapco-online!

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