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Computational Dynamics February 8, 2001 08:24

V2F - Turbulence Model
We are writing to inform you of the commercial release of the V2F turbulence model.

V2F is a turbulence model based on research at the center of Turbulence Research of Stanford University by a leading expert in the field, Prof. P. Durbin. It has been implemented in STAR-CD by Cascade Technologies Inc, whose validation work has shown that V2F offers a more physically accurate representation of near-wall turbulent flows than conventional K-e and RNG models.

Please see attached pdf and for more information visit

For further information contact Computational Dynamics or your local agent.

Kind Regards

Computational Dynamics

Mark Render February 9, 2001 12:02

Re: V2F - Turbulence Model
Could you line out what is behind that turbulence model ?



Computational Dynamics February 9, 2001 12:27

Re: V2F - Turbulence Model
Full details of V2F are available at, alternatively you can telephone +44 (0)20 7471 6200 and speak with support engineer responsible.

Alessandro Terlizzi April 13, 2001 11:49

Re: V2F - Turbulence Model
On "Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (60: 19-46,1998) " appeared the article: "Computation of 3-D Turbulent Boundary Layer Using the V2F Model" by S.Parneix, P.A. Durbin and M.Behnia. In this paper there were non theroetical details but some papers are referenced to get them, namely:

1. Behnia M., Parneix S., DUrbin P- Accurate prediction of jet impingement heat transfer- In :HTD- Vol. 343 National Heat Transfer COnference, BAltimore Vol (5) 1997 pp111-118 2. Behnia M., Parneix S., DUrbin P- Numerical simulation of jet impingement cooling of a heated pedestal. prediction of jet impingement heat transfer- In :HProceeedings of 10th Interantional Symposium of Transport Phenomena. Kyoto (1997) Vol.2 pp 349-354 3 Durbin,P.- Separated flow computation with k-eps-v2 model AIAA journal 33(4= (1995) 459-664.

Any suggestion to get them ?

Thank you to everybody could give me information.

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