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Ossi Kaario February 13, 2001 16:19

Initial droplet size distribution

has anybody used initial size distribution for droplets when using the Spray Properties - panel ( spray modeling, not the manual initialization method) ? If someone has, how to set up a size distribution for the droplets ?

Ossi Kaario

Jing March 13, 2001 12:22

Re: Initial droplet size distribution
Would you like to control the initial size distribution in the corresponding user subroutine?

Ossi Kaario March 13, 2001 13:19

Re: Initial droplet size distribution
I have actually found a way to set the initial droplet size distribution without the droico.f subroutine.

I have defined multiple nozzles in the 'Edit Spray Properties'-panel with different nozzle hole diameters and placed all the nozzles to the same location.



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