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Oleg Melnik February 22, 2001 06:48

Beginner question mesh generation.
Dear StarCD users,

I an a beginner user of this package. I try to calculate flow in a simple axially symmetric domain z=[0,h], r=[0,R] originating from a supersonic jet inflow from the region r=[0,r1]. The boundaries are: z=h, r=R outlet, z=0, r=[r1,R] wall. The problem is 2D.

The question is how to generate a mesh. I would like to have gradual increase in mesh size from r,z=0,0 in both direction for example as a geometric progression. What commands should I use to do it? Shell I generate a 2D mesh and make 3D from it by assuming symmetry conditions (what mesh type should I use then fluid, shell or other) or I should generate a 3D sector?

Best regards, Oleg Melnik

Antje February 24, 2001 11:00

Re: Beginner question mesh generation.

It is not very easy to explain how to generate a mesh.

Tipp: lock at the help-manuell, read and try the tutorials. You can use the Star-Guide to lean the Commands who are write to the commando window. In the help manual is a List of Commands. Wenn you Know which Command can be usefull: type help >Command> read.


Oleg Melnik February 26, 2001 03:39

Re: Beginner question mesh generation.
Thanks Antje,

I've got macros that will generate the mesh.


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