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Anindya March 8, 2001 14:01

RAM and Swap Space and HD space
I would like to know the size of RAM as well as Swap space that I would need to run a 3D problem with STarCD. I am using a SGI machine. I am planning to use about 500000(0.5 million) - 1000000 (1 Million) cells.

Also I would like to know the HD space that I would need for a typical LES run using StarCd in 3D assuming I use a 100*100*50 mesh and store U, V, W and P


Jens Bennetsen March 9, 2001 04:07

Re: RAM and Swap Space and HD space

As posted else where.

I will recommend you not to use any sap space at all since that will degrade your performance very much. But you will properbly need about 2 - 4 time the physical memory in the computer, for just in case.

As for the RAM, Star solver will need approx:

40-50 Mb per 100.000 hex cell

In your case that would be around 200 Mb - 500 Mb, (0.5 - 1.0 Mil cells) depending on your model, user functions etc.

As for the HD space when doing LES, it depend on how many time step you will store !

If you use th user fortran interface and store the variables by you self an estimate would be

100*100*50 * 8 byte(real) * No. of Variables * No. of time step.

I do not quite know if you will use the pst files for storing the data, but approx. the same.



hamid-nice May 25, 2016 21:40

set the swap space
hi dear

how can i set or change swap space in fluent ?

I want to set 50Gb of my hard drive for this ?

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