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Laiping Zhang March 10, 2001 22:44

where to find the manual of STAR-CD on net?
I would like to know more about Star-CD, especially on its data format used in the software. Where can i find the relevant manual on net?

Sreenadh Jonnavithula March 14, 2001 18:46

Re: where to find the manual of STAR-CD on net?
Star-CD is a commercial code, and the manuals are copyrighted documents for authorized users. If you want to know more about STAR-CD, please visit one of our websites, or call the company directly.

Authorized User March 20, 2001 11:11

Typical Adapco Response
Why don't you spend more time helping people with questions? Copyright? Authorized users??? Typical Adapco response.

John C. Chien March 20, 2001 15:55

Re: Typical Adapco Response
(1). My personal feeling is that the code should not leave the vendor or the original author. Because as soon as the code portion is no longer with the vendor or the original author, it can not survive by itself. (2). But since the user is willing to purchase only the code portion, he is going to have a lot of questions to ask. (3). So, the best place to get the code, the question and the answer connected again is: go back to the vendor's or the author's original place.(4). The failure of individual or company in using CFD technology is largely because : they all failed to understand this basic rule. The code is nearly useless when it leaves the original author. And when it is used blindly, it can destroy the user of the code. (5). The goal of the forum is not to replace the original author, but to provide the hint. That is, where to get the answer.

Another authorized User March 21, 2001 06:47

Typical John.C.Chien Response
(1) Mr. Zhang is allowed to pay $30000 and wait till he gets a few pdf files. (2) He will discover that many of his questions will not be answered by the manuals. (3) Unfortunately he will not get any better answers from CD/Adapco because (3.1) it is not necessary for an authorized user to know more than how to pay the license fees, everthing else is self-explicatory (3.2) the authorized user might be a competitor, therefore any further information is confidential and a matter of national security, (3.3) the author has left the company long time ago and nobody knows what is actually written in the code. (4) The failure of individual or company using CFD technology is largely because they erroneously think that for the money they pay, they can expect a well written, user friendly and well documented code. (5) The goal of some people in the forum is to show the world that they are professionals, even if their answer is insignificant.(6) see (1).

Chinor March 21, 2001 09:40

Re: Typical Adapco Response
I am no longer a great friend of adapco or STAR. However, in Sreenadh's defense I believe he was trying to make a simple point. If you are already paying for the code, then call adapco and get the manuals. If you are not a paying customer, then what do you expect? This is commercial software.

If you are unhappy with STAR/adapco, then switch to another code. I did.


John C. Chien March 21, 2001 14:19

Re: Typical John.C.Chien Response
(1). I like your comments. (2). But, it is up to the reader to decide what he is going to do after reading the messages. (3). Remember that, solving the reader's problem is not our goal here. This is because we know nothing about the reader, the vendor, and the code they are using. (4). All of these exercises are based on the assumption that everything will be solved. (5). And the only reason to read this forum is: people are afraid of the fact that "something you don't know can hurt you". So, they come here and ask questions, and trying to get answers they are looking for. But in reality, the answer is not here, not in the code, it is in their hands, in the hands of the reader and the vendor. Unfortunately, they are all human being. (6). This is the place I can do my brain exercise, in addition to my bicycle exercise. It is like a flea market market, you don't have to buy anything. (7). The only function the flea market provides is it can attract people. (people like to visit the place where things for sale cost almost nothing. I just bought a Schwinn racing bike for five dollars in a flea market, and now it is working. ) (8). So, cfd forum is like a big flea market, you will be happy and rewarded if you know how to use it, especially it costs the visitor almost nothing to come here. That's the goal. By the way, you are not going to find a two thousand dollars titanium racing bicycle for sale in the flea market. (the flea market in our area exists only during the weekend, in the parking lot of a college. the place is always full of people on Saturday and Sunday.)

Nebojsa Jovicic April 1, 2001 13:07

Re: where to find the manual of STAR-CD on net?

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