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Olivier Braun April 11, 2001 11:03

IGES-Import Format for Pump Impellers etc.

does anyone know where to find informations about the best way to import Pump Impeller Geometry into StarCD? My thesis is a piece of Software for pump modeling and one of the aims is to export geometry in a way to be able to create meshes in StarCD. Does anyone have examples of that, what modelling strategy to follow, what kind of entities to use, do I have to describe topology ??

It would help me a lot just to get an example of a valid IGES File of any kind of centrifugal impeller or something of that kind. The prob. is not in the IGES spec or in the modelling, but rather to know, what StarCD expects to be able to accomplish meshing in an affordable amount of time.

Any comments are appreciated,



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