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Cary May 9, 2001 10:57

Script Files for Star-CD?
I have a simple question for Star-CD users. Does Star allow the user to compute flow solutions from script files? Fluent allows the user to construct journal files which can be used to conduct a particular CFD calculation. The advantage is that you don't need to enter the GUI. Since I do many repetive type calculations this is a very nice feature for Fluent to possess.

Thanks in advance!

allan May 9, 2001 14:52

Re: Script Files for Star-CD?
Hi Cary

This works for me running linux.


#!/bin/csh star < >star.out cp star.pst star1.pst cp star.prob star1.prob cp star.geom star1.geom cp star2.prob star.prob cp star2.geom star.geom star < >star2.out cp star.pst star2.pst cp star.prob star2.prob cp star.geom star2.geom cp star3.prob star.prob cp star3.geom star.geom star < >star3.out is a file with a single line, but may need another line if radiation is used #star #Y(/N)

#star2.prob should restart from star.pst as should star3.prob

Joern May 9, 2001 14:56

Re: Script Files for Star-CD?
It works and it is much more advanced than the way in fluent.

Philip Jones May 21, 2001 04:36

Re: Script Files for Star-CD?

Star-CD can be run in a scripted manner in a number of ways depending on what you want to do:

1) If you have a number of cases, these can be run from a script to run one after another.

2) If you have a list of prostar commands that are used to build a case and/or mesh (you may want to read in a mesh from another source) then you can run prostar in batch mode:

pro-xm -batch < infile

Note that infile needs to supply a case name and answer y or n to the first two questions prostar asks about resume and echo but after that it is just standard prostar commands

3) If you have a working model and just want to change a few settings then the CDSAVE command builds a set of files that make a working input deck and these (especially the .inp file) can be easily editted to reflect the changes you want.

4) You may want to read up on the folllowing Prostar commands:

IFILE: read in a set of commands from disk

CURSOR: allow cursor picks from file

CDSAVE: save coded definition of model

If you need any more help, feel free to ask directly as we have a great deal of experience in such issues, including coupling Star-CD to various optimising codes both for geometry and flow conditions

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