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Anindya May 19, 2001 00:55

Mesh Generation using Prostar
How can I create a mesh which has cylindrical domain (fluid cells) and it will have a cubic block (solid cells) inside with Prostar (StarCD)? I need your suggestions asap. I am trying to simulate flow through a pipe which has a solid cubic blockage inside it.

Thanks a lot


Andree May 30, 2001 10:35

Re: Mesh Generation using Prostar
Hi, In your case I would try to build the geometry as a conventional o-grid, with the center block being the quadratic solid part (if it works). Start by doing a 2D shell patch and extrude it afterwords.

1. Define the vertices that make up two corners of the center block (using Star-guide - Create geometric entities - vertex - supply coordinates).

2. Define in the same way three vertices on the outer periferal of the circle-opposite to the center block side.

3. Use command SPLC to create a circular arc through the three vertices.

4. create another spline through two corner vertices of the center block. Now you should have two splines (one straight, one bent)

5. Using PATC, create a patch (2D shell mesh) between the splines with desired resolution.

6. revolve (copy using VGEN) the 90 degree segment 3 times to complete the 360 degree circle

7. Create the center patch (quadratic) from four corner vertices

8. Merge the doublet vertices

9. Extrude the patch in a third direction using VCEX

It would not take you many minutes once you get the hang of it.

Regards Andree

Anindya May 30, 2001 14:37

Re: Mesh Generation using Prostar
Thanks a lot Andree. I will try what you said.



friedman eli June 5, 2001 07:40

Re: Mesh Generation using Prostar
I have an alternative approach: build two meshes one cylinderical for the pipe and one cartesian for the cube. Now: 1. delete all cells that fall inside the cube from the pipe mesh. 2. Project the pipe vertices that are closest to the cube surfaces by using vproj. you can create a vertix cset using the geomtery range of the pipe coordinate system. you also should define a shell surface that is the cubes faces. 3. you will recieve some cells that are not pretty but usually (in my case atleast) its o.k. . 4. there is also a command in prostar that smoothes the mesh. i dont remember its name.

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