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peter.liang July 3, 2001 07:02

NT 4.0 installation
I am installing the NT4.0 after WIN95. The DOS command prompt indicated that: " C Disk is not formatted or C was damaged ". Press Enter to exit.

How can I do then?

by the way, I installed Office97 in win95, everything works fine.

Many thanks.

Thomas July 4, 2001 06:25

Re: NT 4.0 installation
Well, that seems to be the problem with Microsoft operating systems. I did the same and the only way seems to be to install NT first and then Win95/98. When installing Win95/98 it normally uses the FAT32 file system which NT doesn't support. So you need a FAT16 partition to install both operating systems.

I didn't find any other solution, maybe there exist one, but I do not know.

Hope this helps,


peter.liang July 4, 2001 12:52

Re: NT 4.0 installation
Many thanks.

My pc is from TOSHIBA, the Win95/98 options are given by default, seems, I cann't install NT4.0 first.

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