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CD adapco Group Marketing July 12, 2001 04:59

Milovan Peric joins CD adapco Group
Prof Milovan Peric Joins CD adapco Group Developers

Prof Milovan Peric, the well known expert on CFD and co-author (with J H Ferziger) of one the most widely-referenced books in our field 'Computational Methods for Fluid Mechanics' has joined the international development team of the CD adapco Group.

We are truly honoured that Milovan has confirmed his commitment to us by deciding to give up his professorship at Harburg-Hamburg University to focus his efforts on the development of STAR-CD and Comet. He joins Prof Ismet Demirdzic and Dr Samir Muzaferija within the partnership recently formed between our Group and ICCM.

Professor Peric will be known to many of you through his numerous publications in the areas of finite volume methods, moving grids, free surface flows, multigrid methods and parallel computing. His knowledge and experience is destined to lead the CD adapco Group's STAR-CD suite of CFD-related codes to new heights of functionality.

We are delighted to welcome our new 'star' to the CD adapco Group!

Steve MacDonald General Manager of CD and President of adapco

John C. Chien July 12, 2001 13:42

Re: Milovan Peric joins CD adapco Group
(1). I think, the user of a code does not care whether a professor is now working for the vendor or not, instead, the user is only interested in getting the right solution to his CFD problem. (2). Without knowing the need of the user, I don't think it will make any difference at all. Unless, the user demands the use of the code with his signature on it. (3). This might be a good idea in the future, that the author or programmer of the code (or subroutines)must sign his name on the code and make public to the code user. This might improve the quality of the code and user satisfaction. At least in this way, it will be consistent with this announcement.

Chinor July 12, 2001 16:20

Re: Milovan Peric joins CD adapco Group
Well said John.

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