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Jiaying Xu August 16, 2001 15:46

why can't I plot Y+ value?
Hi, friends,

I encounter a problem while trying to plot out the Yplus value.

The case is to study a 2D cross-single-cylinder flow. I use LRN turbulence model and want to check the Yplus values at the cylinder surface. When I load the Yplus data and press pull-down menu Plot > Wall Plot, nothing comes out and the OUTPUT window says "You have not loaded any data".

An additional question: when I loaded the wall data, prostar told me to enlarge MAXCEL. I did, and loaded the data successfully. But I saw lots of shell-type cells were created. The question is that I cannot plot them via CPLOT! prostar always told me "** Warning - no cells to plot **Error - no items selected for plotting" but I can see all shells in the cell set! And what is strange is that I have to put them in or delete them from cell set by issueing command CSET. I can not use graphic button C > New (or Delete) > Type(Current) to operate these, I did activate the type I want to operate. If I tried these with graphic button, the commands recorded by OUTPUT window are actually to operate upon cell type 1, not the active type! thus no cells are added to or deleted from the cell set.

Why is it?

Help is urgently needed, please!


Stephan Meyer August 17, 2001 08:43

Re: why can't I plot Y+ value?
Hello, Jiaying,

the y+ plotting in prostar is really kind of strange.

Here's a brief description of how to get a y+ plot:

1.) Select the shell of the boundary whose y+ values You want to see (when using the GETW command, prostar tells You what shell cell types are created for the different boundary regions). Alternative: use CSET ALL.

2.) Switch plot option to contour plot (POPT CONT) and plot type to hidden surface (PLTY EHID).

3.) Do a wall plot (WPLO)

Hope this helps!


Jiaying Xu August 18, 2001 10:56

Re: why can't I plot Y+ value?
Thanks, Steve! I've got the yplus plot as you hint.

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