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CD adapco Group Marketing September 21, 2001 10:25

STAR-CD Newsletter
STAR-CD Dynamics Issue 15 Autumn 2001, the newsletter of the CD adapco Group now available to download. This edition has a new style and improved content, featuring more application stories than ever before.

To download, please visit

Joern Beilke September 25, 2001 12:06

Re: STAR-CD Newsletter
Thanks for using the newest super-duper pdf generator. Even ghostscript 6 is not able to display the file without a special patch.

Ossi September 25, 2001 12:36

Re: STAR-CD Newsletter
And in Acrobat Reader 4.0 the text was all messed up !

Thomas Karbach September 25, 2001 13:01

Re: STAR-CD Newsletter
I also use Acrobat Reader 4.0 and the pdf-file was OK!! May be, something happened during downloading?



Ossi September 25, 2001 13:34

Re: STAR-CD Newsletter
Actually, the problem was when I tried to print it, the text was messed up in the paper. So, I am not sure if it came from the document or the printer.

Joern Beilke September 25, 2001 14:48

Re: STAR-CD Newsletter
Acrobat should work but it depends on the platform you use. There are some problems with fonts on my SGI. So "gs" always helped there.

CD adapco Group Marketing September 27, 2001 04:09

Re: STAR-CD Newsletter
If anybody requires a printed copy of the latest newsletter, please visit and send a message to your local agent, they will happily supply you with copies.


CD adapco Group Marketing

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