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psen November 3, 2001 03:43

Moving Jet Simulation
Can I model a circular moving jet using STARCD ? The jet is at a certain distance above the ground and coming out at a constant velocity from a circular shaped nozzle and impinging on the ground. I would like to see the effect on ground impingement of the jet due to the horizontal translation of the jet at certain velocity .



Nader November 4, 2001 05:47

Re: Moving Jet Simulation

This is possible: introduce the jet as a boundary condition on a cylinder above your domain, and use the arbitrary sliding interface to allow the cylinder to translate. I did one recently - if you have problems, send me a mail, and I can send you the setup.


psen November 4, 2001 21:23

Re: Moving Jet Simulation
hi Nader,

Thanks a lot. Would it be possible for you to send me the setup ? If so, you can email it to me at .



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