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jafar November 21, 2001 15:57

Importing of Solid files in PROSTAR or PROAM
Dear Sir/Madam I am a question about the way of using solid files for generating of volume mesh in PROSTAR or PROAM. I would be very thanful if you let me know your knowledge if you have experience in this regard. Is it possible to import a solid file (not included surface) in PROSTAR or PROAM and beginning of mesh generation with it. It seems Gambit can do it and it can read a solid file and generate volume mesh in it. Would you please let me know if there is this option in PROSTAR? Thank you in advance jafar

steve November 26, 2001 10:20

Re: Importing of Solid files in PROSTAR or PROAM
Neither prostar nor pro*am currently accept solid model files. adapco has just released a new product called EZsurf which will fill in this gap. Currently ezsurf reads iges files, but will very shortly have the ability to directly read Catia, Unigraphics, and Parasolids files. Proe and SDRC will also follow a little later. Finally, if you are on NT, you can get a copy of Solidworks integrated with proam which will build solid models and (I think) also read other Parasolids based files. You should contact your salesman.

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