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cherry.qian November 24, 2001 21:30

two questions about user subroutines
1)i want to program the output file,so i program the file name "posdat.f",but i don't know how to activiated the subroutine in prostar? 2)i have installed Absoft7.0 in order to compile user subroutine(My operating system is WindowsNT4.0), but after compiling , when i run star to calculate, the error message shows below:"No.77 error:No T bounds for Temperature to enthalpy", can you tell me why and how to solve the problem?

Allan November 26, 2001 03:07

Re: two questions about user subroutines
Hello, I can answer your first question. You can activate the posdat.f from the Star Guide-> Analysis Controls-> Analysis Output: Acivate the user subroutine for printed data. Or you can use the following command: prfield, none, , ,user (try help prfi) I hope this help, Allan

Philip Jones November 26, 2001 04:18

Re: two questions about user subroutines
The error you are getting means that you are using the user subroutine coteet (specific heat calculation) and the value of TUB you are returning is less than SMALL (SMALL is a code defined small number used to avoid division by zero).

Please check your user coding and/or contact support.

For more info on user coding and NT please see my thread in this in this forum.

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