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raymond December 12, 2001 03:03

Create 2d geometry file with pro*am?
Now I'm doing some calculation of wind effect on some complex buildings. Normally, I set up shells at horizontal plane with building shape and match them with surround location and other building plan, then I extrude the shell to generate 3 D geometry file. It's very boring to set up these in prostar manually. Now I get proam, I think it should be powerful for such simple things. But how can I utilize this tool?

The import data from autocad is just some lines and points in 2d dimension. It could not create subsurface and generate mash in proam directly. DO anybody tell me the procedure to generate mash in the proam? Is it possible to use "surface wrapping" or "creation of a box for around surface" in the command of "create new surface"?

Thanks in advance!

rumin yin

GN December 13, 2001 11:31

Re: Create 2d geometry file with pro*am?
Do you have access to any sort of solid modeling package that is able to export stl, iges, patran, nastran, etc.? I, myself, am a pro*am user and I build my mesh by first importing one of the above file types. Upon importing such files, my surfaces are already present in pro*am.


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