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Julie Polyakh December 12, 2001 15:49

Refinement and boundary problems
After mesh refinement I have problems with cyclic boundaries matching. I've tried to redefine these boundaries and to match them from the start, but it doesn't work. I keep receiving error messeges about duplicate master cells or not-matched cyclic boundaries.

Jasper December 13, 2001 10:57

Re: Refinement and boundary problems
Hi Julie,

Perhaps you can select, delete and compress the cyclic boundaries, then use "count boun" to verify the're gone. Next go to the cyclic sets list, and show, delete and compress all cyclic sets. Then redefine everything.

Sometimes (for extreme refinements, or when the regions to be matched are very far apart in Prostar units) the geometric accuracy of Prostar is insufficient, and no(t all) matches can be found. Usually increasing matching tolerance solves this problem (or incorrect matches are created (-;),



Julie December 13, 2001 12:34

Re: Refinement and boundary problems
Jasper, Thank you for the help. Just one more stupid qestion: What a difference between the cyclic set and the cyclic boundary?

Jasper December 14, 2001 11:06

Re: Refinement and boundary problems
A cyclic boundary is the 2-dimensional region on your geometry you designate as such.

The connections you specify between the cell faces of your cyclic boundaries are termed cyclic sets.

You will find is all on pages 7-35 / 7-40 of the star user-guide,



Julie Polyakh December 16, 2001 09:17

Re: Refinement and boundary problems
Thank you, Jasper!

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