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harrisonh December 13, 2001 00:11

noise prediction
I am a new user of STARCD, now I have a question of whether the STARCD can do the noise prediction job of the axial fan or not . Regards!

klaus debatin January 7, 2002 09:13

Re: noise prediction
What kind of noise do you want to predict?

Regards, klaus

harrison January 7, 2002 22:39

Re: noise prediction
Dear klaus:

Thanks to your concern. I am estimating the noise generated by engine cooling axial flow fan. and, according to my knowledge, there are mainly vortex noise and blades passing frequency noise in this problem. my concern is main the vortex noise which is broad-band. can STAR-CD do it? and, how to do it? what's the key skills? thanks again.

klaus debatin January 8, 2002 02:24

Re: noise prediction
Hi Harrison,

If you are interested in the noise generated by the interaction of the shedded vorticies with the adjacent blades you should at least get the pressure fluctuation on the surface of it. Dont expect to get the radiated noise. That should be limited to a max frequency of about 1khz. How: Make a transient run with the RNG Modell (time scale corresponding to the expected frequency (rpm*nbl)/min20. You need a perfect mesh for that to get the coherent structure of the flow.

Try it and let me know the outcome.

Regards, Klaus

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