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James December 26, 2001 15:26

subroutine bcdefi under WIN2000
Hello erverybody,

I have a question concering the usersubroutine bcdefi.f under WIN 2000. For some reason it is not possible to use this routine. I always receive the message "bcdefi. f activated but not used". How is that possible??

It would be great, if someone could help me with this matter.



Aaron December 30, 2001 08:36

Re: subroutine bcdefi under WIN2000
I had met the same trouble before. I solved it by using absoft60 instead of absoft70. And by the way did you receive the same warning when you use other subrutines?

james January 1, 2002 12:47

Re: subroutine bcdefi under WIN2000
Thanks for your reply. But unfortunately it isn't possible to install version 6.0 on a WIN2000 plattform. This version is developed for NT4.0 only.

In reference to the other subroutines you are right. If any subroutine is used a error message occurs and the routine is not used. But what does that mean???

In my opinion the user-routines can't be used on a WIN2000 plattform.


Paal January 2, 2002 07:45

Re: subroutine bcdefi under WIN2000
Hi James,

We have the same problem with the star-cd v3.1B/absoft70/w2ooo. Our v3.1b/absoft60/nt4.0 system works fine. However CD claims to have PCs running with first mentioned combination. Support is currently working on finding the reason for our usub/linking problem - have you tried contacting support?

I guess the more reports CD gets of this problem the more resources will be available to solve it.

I know that Steve Evans at CD germany is looking into the matter:

Best regards,


Aaron January 3, 2002 01:49

Re: subroutine bcdefi under WIN2000
Yes, Absoft6.0 is only for NT4.0. But if you have installed absoft6.0 in NT4.0 in the same computer with W2k, it is easy to solve the trouble by changing the environment varibles about absoft7.0 to the directories of absoft6.0. Or, I think, you may copy the installed absoft6.0 to your win2k,and then change the environment varibles.

Hope this will be helpful, have a try.


James January 5, 2002 11:48

Re: subroutine bcdefi under WIN2000
Hello Aaron,

I have changed the enviroment variable to the NT absoft60 directory and now erverything works.

Thanks a lot

Kevin January 16, 2002 01:09

Re: subroutine bcdefi under WIN2000
if you are using absoft fortran 7.0, you will need to change stardll.bat. There is a problem with the 7.0 compiler in that the option !Q19 is not recognised. All occurrences of !Q19 in stardll.bat need to be changed to +Q19.

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