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Franch January 14, 2002 06:43

CSET on a section
How can I get a CSET on a section?

I need to do this to calculate the VAVERAGE on the section, to have average pressure.

It's forbiddend to get cells using cursor. If I select a zone I can't help getting other cells around.

HVN January 14, 2002 06:45

Re: CSET on a section
cset news gran ?

Lars Ola Liavåg January 15, 2002 02:19

Re: CSET on a section
Try creating shells on the section using the pscreate command and map the solution onto these shells. Then you can use the summarize command to get the mean value of your variables.

tobbe January 16, 2002 06:26

Re: CSET on a section
if you have a hex-mesh you can try cset news layer then crossing a cell in the layer and two vertices to define the layer direction, see help cset If its the averaged pressure you want, I think the best way is to select a cset with the zone option that is so narrow as possible around the section where you want your average, define a section with the section slice button. Then by: getc u v w pstat inte cset you get your p average

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