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Jing January 17, 2002 10:31

Conjugate heat transfer

I am working on simulating a fluid-solid cooling system in StarCD version 3.10. I have several questions about the conjugate heat transfer.

1) In my case, the fluid region is compressible and there is heat transfer between solid and fluid. I wonder if I should choose total enthaply as a conservation parameter for solving energy equation of fluid.

2) How does StarCD calculate the temperature on the fluid/solid interface? In the manual, it is only said that the continuity of the energy flux is considered.

All opinions are appreciated!

john January 17, 2002 14:53

Re: Conjugate heat transfer
1. you can choose total enthalpy.

2. you have heat flux from solid side, say,

Hflux_solid=(T_wall - T_cell_solid)/D_solid * C

where D_solid is distance between wall and near wall cell in solid, and C is heat conductivity.

Heat flux from fluid side, is,

Hflux_fluid=(T_wall - T_cell_fluid)/D_fluid *Coeff

where the coefficient Coeff depends on if the fluid is laminar or turbulent (in later case, normally a kind of wall function is used). By equating these two heat fluxes, you can then get T_wall, the temperature at solid-fluid interface.

john January 17, 2002 14:55

Re: Conjugate heat transfer
sorry, both equations should be multiplied by the wall face area.

Jing January 21, 2002 12:06

Re: Conjugate heat transfer
Hi, John!

Thanks for your ideas! The second point you written down about the calculation of T_WALL is just what we means the "CONJUGATE HEAT TRANSFER". I would like to make sure again: Does StarCD calculate the T_WALL in this way? I ask so only because that it is not mentioned in the manual.


john January 21, 2002 12:27

Re: Conjugate heat transfer
Yes, that is how STAR-CD calculates wall temperature at solid-fluid interface.

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