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raymond January 20, 2002 23:49

MARS discretization scheme
Does anyone have some experiences with MARS discretization shcee? I have tried it in the buoyancy flow as suggested by STAR-CD manual. But at some locations I got negative value of temperature where I define the initial and amibient temperatrue is positive throughout the whole domain. When I changed to SFCD scheme, all look correct.

In the methodology manual, I could not find the detailed information about the MARS scheme, do anyone have the same experience with me and tell me what's the limitation of MARS scheme?


Anton Lyaskin January 28, 2002 07:05

Re: MARS discretization scheme
As I remember, MARS scheme is advised for momentum equations. For temperature and dencity SFCD is recommended.

I use MARS for momentum and turbulence and whould like to know more about it, too.

raymond January 28, 2002 20:57

Re: MARS discretization scheme
Thanks for your suggestion!

But in the tutorial of STAR-CD, (10.1) It was suggested that the MARS is applied for UVW and T and DENS, and turbulence energy and dissipiancy are using UD scheme. Is there any other suggestion for it?

Anton S. Lyaskin February 1, 2002 06:33

Re: MARS discretization scheme
I've never tried MARS for T and DENS, I use SFCD for them. And for some problems I couldn't get convergence with UD for turbulence.

I've tried different schemes for a laminar flow in a square duct with 90 degrees turn. MARS makes little difference with QUICK.

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