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Roued January 28, 2002 04:01

Star-cd for windows

Two questions:

Does anyone know when Star-cd v.3.150 for windows will be release ?

Furthermore, has anyone notice difference in computational time between linux and windows platform ?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


steve January 31, 2002 15:41

Re: Star-cd for windows
The 3.150 Windows version should be out in February and there may be as much as 10% speedup in linux over Windows. It has not been tested recently however.

James February 1, 2002 16:58

Re: Star-cd for windows
CD-Germany told me that the linux version is nearly 50% faster than the NT-version (on the same workstation of course)

steve February 3, 2002 19:45

Re: Star-cd for windows
I've never seen that kind of difference. Windows still does not multitask well and I don't think it swaps as well as Linux so depending on the circumstances they may have seen that. But if everything fits in memory and no other processes are running, I think 50% is very high. Windows 2000 is probably a little better than NT also.

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