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tom January 31, 2002 10:42

Extrusion along a spline
Hello, Can you help me? I am looking for a trick to made an extrusion along a spline with Prostar. Does someone have the solution? Tom

steve January 31, 2002 13:05

Re: Extrusion along a spline
Use VSPGENERATE. That's exactly what it was made for. Steve

Lars Ola Liavåg February 1, 2002 04:35

Re: Extrusion along a spline
Hello there,

Using vspgenerate isn't all that intuitive since it only creates vertices. Here's a macro that I've been able to run successfully. With a little luck, it might make getting started a wee bit simpler for you...


Lars Ola

! Macro that extrudes fluid cells from a set of shells and vertices along a spline (in the direction of ascending spline vertex nos.)

! Input variables:

*set,csex,7 ! cylindrical coordinate system

*set,typs,4 ! cell type for baseline shells

*set,typc,15 ! cell type for fluid cells

*set,spid,4 ! extrusion spline ID

*set,edis,1.0 ! extrusion distance (% of spline)

*set,ncax,40 ! axial fluid cell count


! Disconnect baseline shells from model and extrude ncax layers of fluid cells along the spline over a distance of edis.






set,nvof,nvmx - nvmn + 1


vcextrude,ncax,nvof,cset,,,local,0,0,edis / ncax

vspgenerate,spid,ncax + 1,nvof,vset,,,perc,,edis,



tom February 1, 2002 09:08

TThe macro
Thanks a lot for the macro. It worked succesfully for me as well. Regards. Tom.

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