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raymond February 1, 2002 05:58

solar radiation
I want to calculate the heating effect on the solar radiation through the window to the indoor air in an enclosure. I found in the manual that solar effect is only on the solid surface. How can I define that particular question? Is is nessary to turn on the "thermal radiation" and the "radiation" in the fluid cell type (air)?

Thanks in advance!

stephen February 1, 2002 06:57

Re: solar radiation
It depends, are you modelling the outside of the building too? If the point of entry into your fluid domain is a window then solar radiation will do just fine, passing through the window until it hits a solid wall beyond.



raymond February 3, 2002 23:14

Re: solar radiation
Just as your describtion, I want to simulate the solar radiation through the windows, no outdoor air is needed to simulated. Is that means that i just need to switch on the "solar radiation" button, it will work on the fluid inside the building? Could you say a little bit clearly? Thanks!

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