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Andrea February 27, 2002 19:27

calculation self interrupted
Hi, I've got a problem with Proam; probably it's something quite stupid, but up to now I haven't find a solution: when I start the calculation for my model, that is completely similar to others I did in the past,the program makes all the tests on the geometry, on the boundaries and so on, makes the first iteration and then stops saying: "Job terminated by user intevention"(or something like this),but I really don't touch anything ! Anybody know what kind of problem is there? Thank you a lot for any kind of suggestion.


Joern Beilke February 28, 2002 04:05

Re: calculation self interrupted
You have a file called "ABORT" in the directory which lets stop star at the end of the iteration.

july February 28, 2002 08:37

Re: calculation self interrupted
ciao andrea.... dovresti avere un file che si chiama Abort nella directory del tuo caso... bene prendi sto file e buttalo nel cesso...

andrea March 1, 2002 09:30

Re: calculation self interrupted
I just want to thank you for your help. I would have never found a solution without it.


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