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july March 5, 2002 09:03

Porous media...
hi... I've to simulate an homogeneous porous media its permeabilty K= 1.7E-11 [m2] Does anybody suggest to me how i have to set up the alfa and beta permeabilty coefficient ? thanks

Jing March 6, 2002 11:28

Re: Porous media...
They are functions of : volume porosity, molecular viscosity, density and the mean diameter of the particle in the porous. The detailed equations are listd in the manual, you can just use them.

A.S.Adam March 7, 2002 07:09

Re: Porous media...
hi I am dealing with the same subject using fluent5.5. but the problem fluent can not present velocity distribution in packed my question is does Star-CD present velocity disribution in packed bed? and which model they used to solve momentum equation? I look forward to hear from you shortly with best regards A.S.Adam

july March 12, 2002 03:57

Re: Porous media...
I Adam ... I'll to tell you what i've got.. StarCD use a linearized form of permealbility function the equation is : -K U = grad P where K = alpha /V/ + beta where /v/ is the velocity magnitude... If you want simulate a porouos media you can use a soubroutine (sormom.f) which introduce sources in the momentum equation... the terms wich the subroutine introduces are two: s1 and s2: the source term id s=s1-s2 *U where s1 and s2 are user defined...

john YL March 12, 2002 08:57

Re: Porous media...
In prostar, you can plot velocity distribution in the porous region. STAR uses Darcy's Law for the momemtum equation.

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