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Zeng March 19, 2002 03:06

user subroutines in Star-CD
We want to know whether Star-CD can

(1) solve incompressible, viscosity flow problem?

(2) add user subroutines for additional equations, variables and special source terms (e.g. surface tension) ?

Thanks in advance.

john YL March 19, 2002 15:33

Re: user subroutines in Star-CD
(1) yes (2) it is claimed that STAR-CD has the most extensive user subroutines facility: one can almost do anything through its user codes.

Zeng March 19, 2002 20:51

Re: user subroutines in Star-CD
Dear John YL,

Thanks. Do you imply Star-CD can not add user aubroutine ?

joel March 20, 2002 07:21

Re: user subroutines in Star-CD
i think john means that you can use user subroutines, you will need the absoft fortran compiler though.

Jamie March 20, 2002 09:22

Re: user subroutines in Star-CD
You only need the Absoft compiler if you are running on Windows or Linux. In the case of Windows, you only need it if you are using subroutines.

zeng March 21, 2002 04:43

Thanks for your kindness.

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