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Ossi April 4, 2002 07:51

total cell area

I would need to use the cell area in subroutine radpro.f. Is this quantity available somewhere already ? (In radpro.f I would like to divide cell volume by cell area....simple task but I would still need the cell area from somewhere...)

HVN April 4, 2002 08:13

Re: total cell area
Hi, Ossi

You could find this information in the file (in the folder ufile). There are inside the list of all variables used in user subroutines.


Ossi April 5, 2002 01:28

Re: total cell area
I looked through the but could not find a variable that would give the total cell area. Anybody ?

daniel April 6, 2002 06:54

Re: total cell area
Well, I have no idea how to do this inside radpro.f, but this seems a little wasteful - doing the same geometric calculations every iteration. You could perform this on the cell and vertex data of your mesh beforehand, and then access this as DATA in radpro.f. Seems like a lot of work to me, maybe there's something simpler in the same spirit....

Ossi April 8, 2002 01:17

Re: total cell area
Good idea except that I am simulating an engine which means that I have a deforming grid, i.e., changing cell areas. So I think I need to compute the cell area every time step. Only knew how...

daniel April 8, 2002 02:14

Re: total cell area
Sorry, I am also at loss here, maybe support can help?

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