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Mir April 5, 2002 07:54

Grid Assembly
Hi! WE need to assembly two grids saved in two different files; is it possible? How? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Mir & Andrea

Joern Beilke April 5, 2002 08:44

Re: Grid Assembly
cwrite, vwrite, cpwrite (see cdsave) cread vread cpread

for moving grids around:

vgen 2 0 vset ,,, dx, dy,dz

in the current csys

Achim April 5, 2002 15:23

Re: Grid Assembly
if you have a proam license, start proam with first.mdl

dbase put 33 star over $firstmodel


dbase add 33

regards, achim

Bo Jensen April 23, 2002 07:19

Re: Grid Assembly
Use the StarGuide as this is the most user frindly way to do this. You simply go into the last folder "Export Data" and chose to export grids. Then you create two or so files. Then you open the model you would like the other one to be importet into. Then you go into the create and import folder and import the files and write in the max number of vertices and probably also cells.

Regards Bo

HVN April 23, 2002 08:57

Re: Grid Assembly

You could use Pro*Am in order to save each mesh in a different database. And assembly them with "add with auto offset".


Joern Beilke April 24, 2002 06:59

Re: Grid Assembly
But you will loose all the couples. What happens if you have pyramids or trimmed cells? It is not possible to export pyramids in the nastran format for example. I doubt that any of the eport formats can handle trimmed cells. This way is very unsafe as a general way to do such things.

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