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Mir April 9, 2002 07:06

User subroutines
We have some problems with library.dll and subroutines. When we start a new calculation STAR don't use our subroutines and says that can activate them but not use. That's all. Anybody have an idea? Thanks

Mir & And

kevin April 9, 2002 12:09

Re: User subroutines
how come you don't call tech support regarding this problem...this would probably have been answered right away. In any case, since it sounds like you are using the windows version...

you get the message that the routines are activated but not used when star is using the dummy subroutines that are contained in libusr.dll or libusr_dp.dll.

are you sure that your user subroutines compiled properly? To check, perform a "stardll -s -o" at a command prompt in your working directory (or stardll -d -o for double precision) and look at the output on the screen.

is your absoft compiler installed properly? Do you have the ABSOFT environment variable? Is ABSOFT\bin in your path? Is ABSOFT\lib in your LIB variable? Is ABSOFT\cinclude in your INCLUDE variable?

are you using absoft fortran 7.0? Your problem may simply be due to the absoft bug where it does not recognise the !Q19 compiler directive which is used to compile the dll. If you are using absoft 7.0, simply replace all instances of !Q19 with +Q19 in stardll.bat which is in your stardir/bin directory.


Mir April 9, 2002 12:37

Re: User subroutines
Thank for your suggestiojns, but it still doesn't work correctly. The envirnment variables are setted in the right manner. We changef !Q19 in +Q19. Stardll -s-o says this: " Preparing single-precision libusr.dll ... bcdefi.f bcdeft.f posdat.f Creating libusr.dll ... . Single-precision libusr.dll successfully created. You must keep your user DLLs in your working directory to use them."

We contacted technical support, but you answered first, as always happens! Mir & And

kevin April 9, 2002 12:42

Re: User subroutines
hmm, then perhaps check your PATH may be that you have stardir/solve/dynamic in your path when it should not be.

Mir April 9, 2002 12:54

Re: User subroutines
Thank, but we don't have dynamic solver and Path environment variable is setted correctly. An italian expression about this problem: "Boh?!?"

Miriam & And

James April 9, 2002 15:40

Re: User subroutines
Hallo Mir,

it seems to me that the path for the compiler is not accepted from the Windows System. The reason for that could be that too many environmental variables are set. Surprisingly STAR-CD sets 26 variables although it is known that Windows NT/2000 is only capable of treating 24. This means it is absolute neccesary that no additional software is installed apart from Star-CD and the compiler. So try to lower the number of the enviromental variables. I hope this helps



Mir April 10, 2002 10:43

Re: User subroutines
Hallo James, have you an idea about environment variables that i could delete? To eliminate acrobat variables is it a good manner? I already deleted the GT Power environment variables, but i have always the same problem. I tried to use bcdefi user subroutine rather my bcdeft and the message error label was 502 (first 548). I view your message in january, do i find fortran60 to work correctly with W2k?

Thank you Mir

Joern Beilke April 11, 2002 03:53

Re: User subroutines
Just switch to the linux version.

James April 11, 2002 08:49

Re: User subroutines
Hello Mir,

STAR-CD works excellent with the the absoft compiler version 6.0 under WIN2000. In reference to the variables I have defined an user called "staruser" and then I have copied some systemvariables to the uservariables window.

This means define the following variables as a uservariable and delete them from the systemsvariable menu.

Variable Value ABSOFT C:\Absoft60 INCLUDE C:\Absoft60\cinclude LIB C:\Absoft60\lib PATH C:\Absoft60\bin NUTCROOT C:\progra~1\NUTCROOT ROOTDIR C:\progra~1\NUTCROOT TERM nutc SHELL C:\progra~1\NUTCROOT\mksnt\sh.exe

With this configuration the system should work. But I have only tested it with Absoft 6.0

good luck


kevin April 15, 2002 13:36

Re: User subroutines
Hi James,

do you have a reference about this environment variable limit in windows? I do not believe I have experienced it, but I would like to know more about it.


James May 4, 2002 16:16

Re: User subroutines
Hello Kevin,

if you want to experience the operating system failures caused by STAR-CD's enviromental variables do the following:

1. Install another program like ICEMCFD 4.2 or PATRAN 2. Try to start one of them. They work properly. 3. Then install STAR-CD and Absoft 7.0 4. Try to start again ICEMCFD or PATRAN or ..., you will realize that these programs don't work anymore.

5. Reduce the number of enviromental variables smaller then 24. 6. Try to restart Patran or ICEM again

7. They work properly

This is also the reason why for example PATRAN uses only 1!!! variable instead of 26 like STAR-CD.

I hope this will be respected for the future releases of STAR-CD

best regards


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