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Joel April 15, 2002 05:50

Seting up star on linux
Hi I am just installing star version 3.15 on redhat linux 7.2, i am relatively new to linux and am sort of learning it as i go, i was wondering about how i set the environmental varible for star as set out in the installation instructions, specifically things like the ramfiles and such like, also how to set the license manager to read from a local machine. Any help would be great, many thanks Joel

steve April 15, 2002 10:08

Re: Seting up star on linux
Linux does not have a concept of global environmental variables like windows. Each user sets his own, and the way you set it depends on your default shell. For example in csh or tcsh:

setenv STARDIR /u/linux/star/v3150

bash (and I think ksh also):

STARDIR=/u/linux/star/v3150; export STARDIR

I'm sure user support can help you. Why don't you call them?

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