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ialu May 30, 2002 02:00

3D Mesh creation
Hello,I'm beginner user of Star-CD.

I'm study critical nozzle in a pipeline.

*Nozzle shape : axisymmetric converging-diverging nozzle has a converging section consisting of a circular arc that passes through the throat to a point of tangency at which the shape becomes conical.

*I had to make a 3D model.

*1) How make?????

*2) How make cartesian coord. surface -> cylindrical coord. surface ? ex) User guide 3-6, Figure 3-10(a) surface.

Please, detail.

Thank you.

James May 30, 2002 14:35

Re: 3D Mesh creation
Don't use Prostar for meshing. It's too time consuming. I would recommend to use ICEM Hexa/Tetra.

ialu June 2, 2002 04:39

Re: 3D Mesh creation
Thank you.

================================================== ===================

(p,T : absolute value.)

1) Boundary condition : *Stagnation(upstream) : velocity=abs, P=2e+05, T=294K, direction=normal *Pressure(exit) : open air(P=9922.8001) *Symmetry *Wall : Np-slip

2)Thermophysical..... *Molecular Properties -density = Ideal-f(T,P) *Turbulence off *Thermal off *Refference data : press=2e+05, temp.=294,Cell NUmber=1(inlet point) ================================================== ==================

I think.... the nozzle is converging-diverging. so Ma=1(at throat).

but, Ma=1 point --> divergent portion of the nozzle. What is the problem? Please, teach me. Thanks.....

leung June 12, 2002 11:00

Re: 3D Mesh creation
Create the 2D mesh using Shell type.

then VCEXTRUDE it into 3-D.

refine the mesh in the third direction.

You will get a 3-D mesh of Fluid type.

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