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Veebs June 3, 2002 11:45

Segmentation fault
Dear STAR Users, I am using windows version of STAR CD. Many times it comes out from prostar (sometime from solver also) stating segmentation fault. Suggest me how to avoid this (if possible) ?

Thanks for your time Veebs

Joern Beilke June 4, 2002 02:05

Re: Segmentation fault
Use the LINUX version. Put more memory in the machine.

disappointed user June 4, 2002 07:13

Re: Segmentation fault
The NT-Version is full of bugs, which means you can't do anything against it. The new version seems to be better but there are still a lot of mistakes in it. At the moment I use the NT - Version but I'll switch to LINUX. I would recommend to do the same.


disappointed user

steve June 4, 2002 22:17

Re: Segmentation fault
What version of STAR are you using and what version of Windows (NT, 2000, XP)? If NT, which service pack, because some of them work fine and some don't.

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