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joel June 27, 2002 06:00

Which solver for non-newtonian flow
Im running a non-newtonian simulation with the power law model but im having trouble getting the sim to converge. Is either simpiso or piso any better at solving non-newtonian problems? At the mo i am trying steady state runs, could using transient help me at all?

nicola June 28, 2002 07:28

Re: Which solver for non-newtonian flow

I have modelled a viscoelastic steady state flow with polyflow. This tool is specialised for non-newtonian fluids. About transient, I should know more details.

jasper June 28, 2002 12:25

Re: Which solver for non-newtonian flow
Hi Joel,

Are your simulations not converging, or is convergence merely slow? In my experience, the more pseudoplastic, (n < 1) the slower convergence. Btw, the power-law model employed by Star is slightly different from the regular text-book (e.g. Bird) definition,



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