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Gstas August 14, 2002 08:37

A problem with Star-cd v.3.15 for linux
Hi everyone! I've recently got Star CD v. 3.15 for linux but when installing it I came up to have a problem related to the lack of linux to run installation file. Unfortunately I have no idea what it can be but suggest that it might be concerning the fact that in the directory with other installation files there are some files with .Z extension, supposedly I've figured out it as Unix uncompress files but what might be done to them I have no any idea. I came to such a conclusion because when I tried to run the command ./inst.rls linux refused to proceed the command stating that it couldn't find this one at all. Maybe anyone knows what the problem is. Of course I can be wrong in my suggesting that's because I'm new in Linux. If anyone knows how to help me I beg for help Thanks in advance.

If something is not quite understood, I'll be glad to explain everything what happened to me in more details

stefan August 15, 2002 07:44

Re: A problem with Star-cd v.3.15 for linux
Is it just a typing error? The name of the installation script is inst_rls, not inst.rls.

Dean August 15, 2002 11:58

Re: A problem with Star-cd v.3.15 for linux
Hi, had the same problem with installing on a unix machine. It's a mount problem, i.e. there is a problem with using the command 'mount' ..... to mount you cd. The standard command leaves the 'dots' at the end for some reason. You need to look at the mount command, >man mount, i can't remember the options you need to add i'm afraid but it relates to being able to 'read' the contents of the cd on any cd drive ... or something like that. Have a play around with different options and you should find it ok.


leo August 16, 2002 12:48

Re: A problem with Star-cd v.3.15 for linux
I know this is not the right way to do it,but i did it this way:

Copy the CD content to your hard disk. Open INST_RLS archive with a text editor (like notepad) and do a search-replace . search for the word "uncompress" and replace it with "gunzip" . Then execute the abovementioned archive and it should work OK.Please tell me how it was.


CJ Tune December 9, 2002 21:52

Re: A problem with Star-cd v.3.15 for linux
...or just create symbolic links to gzip, gunzip, with names compress and uncompress, respectively and make sure the symlinks are in your PATH variable.

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