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Charlie Beghein August 24, 2002 13:34

user soubroutine of inlet boundary conditions
Hi, I have a question about the user soubroutine of inlet boundary conditions. My problem is unsteady, 3-D turbulent flow(U,V,W,P,K,E,C). There are three boundary(inlet, outlet and wall) in my case. When time is great than 0(zero), I want to change concentration(scalar) value in inlet boundary to average value of concentration in outlet boundary on previous time step. Also I want to keep the rest values(U,V,W,P,K,E) in inlet boundary. The size of inlet and outlet is different. I think it's difficult to introduce cyclic boundary for this problem. How can it be solved this problem? If anyone have good idea for solving this problem, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

With best regards,

Charlie Beghein

Steve Amphlett August 27, 2002 03:23

Re: user soubroutine of inlet boundary conditions
Try using POSDAT to sample the outlet you're after and pass the values back to BCDEFI in a new named COMMON block (define your own and include it in both routines).


- Steve

Charlie Beghein August 30, 2002 02:03

Re: Thanks
Thank you so much. I am trying to that you mentioned.

Charlie Beghein

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