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Veeranna August 29, 2002 12:23

Brake Oil Cooling
Hi all,

I have a real problem in one of the Off-Highway vehicle i.e. Lift Truck.

In the existing design of the wet-disc brake of the vehicle, the wet-disc brake cooling oil temperature is exceeding 250 C and this leads to less effect of the brake totally and wear & tear of brake frictional plates.

Now I have to make a system to reduce the brake cooling oil temperature from 250 C to 120 C. My idea is to make a "n" number of tubes submerged in the brake colling oil. Provide air/collent flow in side the tube and exhaust to the atmosphere. So Please advice me in this regards, How I have to tackle this problem.

Any one have faced this kind of problem and solved it, please forward me some ideas.

Best regards, Veeranna B Sheelvanth

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