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Ajit September 3, 2002 00:57

Problem-Thermofluid Multiphase Fluid Modeling
Hi everybody, I need help!!! well let me describe in simple words.... A heated plate and water falling on the plate surface...the plate temperature is high and the water converts in steam.....this changes the temperature distribution in the plate.....this is a transient analysis...involves phase change....multiphase flow.....the plate has a cyclic change in temperature/power supply.......i am mainly interested in temperature distribution/steam fluid behavour/thermal stress in the plate due to this phenomenon.

can Star-CD do it?? If not then what is the best way... Your suggestions will be valuable to me.


Cuchulain September 6, 2002 18:45

Re: Problem-Thermofluid Multiphase Fluid Modeling
I believe STAR-CD can do this difficult problem; I have seen some examples of work using STAR-CD in this general area.

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