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Murali December 5, 2002 03:21

Accessing Neighbouring Cell info
I have a question regarding how to access the info of the cells which share a face with the the cell of interest.

I know FLUENT 6 provides excellent macros to access these information. Is there a way to access these in star-cd ? For e.g suppose I want to define a user-defined flux term along with the diffusional and convective fluxes, when I apply this as a source term in the species equations, I will be needing the info of :

(1) neighbouring cell volume (2) the area vector of the face that is shared between the cell of interest and the neighbouring cell (3) the values of primary variables of interest in the cell and neighbouring cells and sometimes their gradients.

How can I access these info on STAR-CD ?


Ossi December 9, 2002 07:10

Re: Accessing Neighbouring Cell info
Look at the answer on the 8th of October 2002 in this same site.

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