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Roger December 8, 2002 18:01

newbie question
Hi there, I'm using Star-lt to run a external cfd analysis of a new building site development. can somebody please tell me how to create a restart run, so that my model can restart from iteration no. 179, I assume that I need to edit the .prob file, but not sure which value to change? the star-mgr manual does not explain this!!

thank you for your help


support December 9, 2002 06:23

Re: newbie question

in the problem file, .prob,

Second line, first letter to be changed to 2

Dino December 11, 2002 09:20

Re: newbie question
don't ever edit the .prob file!

Go to the star guide and click analysis preparation and running --> analysis restart --> choose standard restart.

write out a new .prob file and start the analysis again.

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