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pp December 12, 2002 15:59

Gambit mesh

My mesh was created in Gambit. Boundary conditions are set and mesh was exported as generic type (*.neu).

After loading this file in STAR-CD 3.15 I have all mesh but without boundary conditions creted in gambit.

Is STAR able to recognize BC defined by gambit?

Any advice will be very helpful.


CJ Tune December 13, 2002 11:58

Re: Gambit mesh
Can Fluent export its mesh to the CGNS format? Maybe you can try that instead.

Another possibility is that the b/c's are there but have not been assigned to their own regions. I had this problem once importing a mesh from an older STAR-CD. Normally b/c's are coloured according to their type but will be white if unassigned. BSET ALL$BDIS ON, then turn on number plotting for boundaries and REPL.

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